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Java Developer? Run Image Classification on AWS Lambda using DJL

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Why Java?

Why AWS Lambda?

Why Deep Learning?

Why Deep Learning on Lambda using Java?

Enough talking, let’s build

Installing Lambda Example

git clone
cd djl-demo/aws/lambda-model-serving/
./gradlew deploy

Triggering the Lambda Function

Kitten Image to Classify
> aws lambda invoke --function-name DJL-Lambda --payload '{“inputImageUrl”:”"}' build/output.json{
"StatusCode": 200,
"ExecutedVersion": "$LATEST"
> cat build/output.json[
"className": "n02123045 tabby, tabby cat",
"probability": 0.48384541273117065
"className": "n02123159 tiger cat",
"probability": 0.20599405467510223

Lambda Performance Monitoring

DJL Lambda Performance Monitoring
DJL Lambda Invocation Statistics

What’s Next?

Installing Java 11

sudo yum install java-11-amazon-corretto-headless

Installing Java Kernel for Jupyter

git clone
cd IJava/
./gradlew installKernel
java — list-modules | grep “jdk.jshell”

Summary and a look ahead



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